And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus. (Luke 1:31)

Maria and Joseph probably imagined their life to be different. Through the announcement of the angel: „Mary, you will become pregnant and give birth to a son“ her life was turned upside down in an instant. And it shouldn't be just any child but „the Son of the Most High!“ Joseph also had to give up his ideas about a life together with Mary. From now on everything would be different.

In this year the plans, ideas and lifestyles of millions of people worldwide were thwarted. Corona shocked us and shaked a lot. Closed schools, bankrupt businesses, restricted mobility: we hadn't imagined it that way!
What do we do with it?

I call us to ask God: „What plans do YOU have for me? What are YOUR priorities for my life? Am I still in the right place? Or do I have to change something?“ And then we make the necessary corrections. In this way we are built up as “living stones in a spiritual house“ (a), so that God's plans for this world can be fulfilled through us in this last time.
„Surely I come quickly“! (b)


It is worth reading these biblical passages:

(a) 1. Peter 2:5

(b) Revelation 22:20