But will the Son of Man find faith on earth when he comes? (Luke 18:8b)

What causes the thought of the return of Jesus in us? Are we looking forward to meeting him face to face? To finally see him (a)? Or does this thought fill us with fear? Are we skeptical about this event, which will far exceed all our expectations (b)? The fact is that we are closer to this day than ever before. The events in this world speak a clear language. What Jesus foretells us in Matthew (c) is increasingly happening before our eyes: catastrophes, injustice, lovelessness, to name but a few.

When I think it over, I wonder if I'm ready to face Jesus. Who is he for me? And who is he for you? Is he the one who should fulfill all your wishes? Or is he the boss where you pick up the orders every day and then go out to do them? Or the one whose return you eagerly expect and whom you miss painfully, if you do not have daily fellowship with him? Our life and our future depend on our attitude towards him. The First Commandment explains it clearly (d): The Christian faith is primarily about the relationship with God, about the love for him. Jesus is the center. Everything else - works or services - evolves out of this relationship. Today it is very easy to deviate from this path (e). The many offers in our western world are very tempting and seductive. And we are very quick to get involved because they promise us a lot. The question is: Can we - do we want to hold on to Jesus and our love for Him, even if it becomes very difficult? Is he worth it to renounce for him and to suffer for his sake? He is the only one who helps us!


Jesus! You are my only chance to survive in these times. Pull me closer to you. Help me to stay true to you, no  matter what. Give me the strengh to resist the temptations of this world and stay on the narrow path. Do not let me betray or deny you. I love you. Amen


It is worth reading these biblical passages:

(a) 1. John 3:2b

(b) Matthew 16:27 / Mark 13:26

(c) Matthew 24:1-44

(d) Matthew 22:37

(e) John 14:6

I recommend listening to this Song: For me only Jesus

Be blessed!