But you, O God my Lord, deal on my behalf for your name’s sake; because your steadfast love is good, deliver me! (Psalm 109:21)

Psalm 109 is a pretty gloomy psalm. David complains about the attacks of his enemies and asks God for retribution (verses 1-20). When I read it, I thought: Yes, that's the way life can be. Not that I'm being persecuted like David. From a certain point on King Saul had only one goal: to kill David. Not that I have need like many brothers and sisters around the world who are oppressed, robbed, persecuted or even tortured or killed. We here in the Western world have different challenges and they may be small compared to the ones mentioned above. But when they hit us it hurts, makes us angry, makes us despair, robs us of hope and may even give us up over time.

If it were not verse 21:

BUT YOU, OH GOD MY LORD, deal on my behalf for your name’s sake;

The view to God (a). The recognition that there is one who is master of everything, also about the misery and hardships, to which nothing is impossible (b). The knowledge that Jesus is the light in the darkness that nothing and nobody can extinguish (c). The knowledge that we can go to Him with everything (d) and that he not only understands us but also suffers with us (e).

That's my certainty day after day (f) and from this I draw new strength again and again. No, it's more: Even if depression often creeps in the evening, I know for sure that the next morning, God will give me joy and courage to confidently tackle the day ahead, no matter what.

Let us not forget Jesus for a moment! He is our friend who never fails!


It is worth reading these biblical passages:

(a) Psalm 121:1-2

(b) Jeremia 32:27

(c) Johannes 1:4

(d) Matthäus 11:28

(e) Hebräer 4:15

(f) Hiob 19:25

I recommend listen to this song: Your love never fails 

Be blessed!